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Murphy Capital Advisors is a fee-only financial planning & investment firm.

Murphy Capital Advisors will work with you to analyze your entire situation - not just investments. And all recommendations are based on your needs and goals.

We believe the financial planning profession should be separate from the financial sales industry. 

Since we do not sell any financial or insurance products or earn commissions, brokerage fees or trails from mutual funds, Murphy Capital avoids all the compensation conflicts that could impact the quality of the advice you receive and increase your out-of-pocket expenses.

97% of educated consumers choose an advisor held to a fiduciary standard.

The success of Murphy Capital Advisors will be based on your success – the client. No emphasis is placed on the number of transactions each client makes.

Deciding to get help with your financial planning can be very difficult. Make the decision easier by choosing to work with a fiduciary. You and your family should accept nothing less.


Matthew J. Murphy, CFP®

President & CEO at Murphy Capital Advisors

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